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We have received an excellent service from Hunter Coal Fields Removals. We got help for removing our office from Canberra to Newcastle. We have got cooperation from the company for removing our furniture of business. The company has helped us removing our items at low cost.


We depend on the service of Hunter Coal Fields Removals. We take their service for moving our industries to long distances and take interstate removal as well. We depend on their storage facility in Millfield. We have moved offices to international locations with their help.



About us

Hunter Coal Fields Removals offers solution of moving furniture and other items from offices and households in places like Cessnock, Kurri Kurri, Maitland,Millfield,Newcastle of Australia.


The business is owned by a family of Australian origin. We have specialized in moving items in New South Wales. The company has insured themselves providing a high quality service to our customers for House Removals in Millfield.


The company is offering the service of property removal. We have progressed to typesetting in electronic form. The company has not changed the high standard of service for Office Removals in Newcastle.


Hunter Coal Fields Removals takes responsibility of the service. We provide safety to the household and furniture in office. The company offers helps in removing belonging of house and office in Interstate Removals in Millfield.


Our company removes items of commercial as well as domestic use. The company offers services at a competitive rate. We offer our best service to the customers. It takes a lot of time to move from one place to another. The company offers those people who will help you to shift easily with a smile. It will be an unforgettable experience as we help you in every step.


We give priority to every assignment and do not evaluate any work as big or small. We have the capacity of shifting a home having 5 bedrooms. The company helps in transferring commercial property and furniture found in the households.


The service is offered at an affordable rate. The homeowners can relax and totally depend on our company. They can contact us for moving their furniture and belongings from their home or office.


Call 0429 777 375 for any kind of assistance for moving properties and request an estimate free of cost.


Hunter Coal Fields Removal - We are specialized in Furniture,Home,Office,Business Removals in Cessnock,Newcastle,Kurri Kurri,Maitland,Millfield. Please call 0429 777 375