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We have received an excellent service from Hunter Coal Fields Removals. We got help for removing our office from Canberra to Newcastle. We have got cooperation from the company for removing our furniture of business. The company has helped us removing our items at low cost.


We depend on the service of Hunter Coal Fields Removals. We take their service for moving our industries to long distances and take interstate removal as well. We depend on their storage facility in Millfield. We have moved offices to international locations with their help.



Are you looking for removal at a low cost?

Hunter Coal Fields Removals is helping people with removal of furniture and other items. The company follows a high quality service for removing items in the following places in Australia:


1. Cessnock.


2. Kurri Kurri.


3. Maitland.


4. Millfield.


5. Newcastle.


The primary services of Hunter Coalfields Removals include the following:


1. Delivery of Furniture


Our company delivers sofa, television and other items of house like dining table in removals and storage in Millfield.


2. Shifting of House


Hunter Coal Fields Removals offers local, regional and from one state to the other. We will be happy to assist you while moving house in Newcastle.


3. Shifting of office and commercial property


As you are busy with office work, you do not have to worry about shifting. We will move each and every item safely to your new location for Home Removals in Maitland. Hunter Coal Fields Removals will guide you in transportation of commercial property also.


4. Pre-packing and unpacking of items


Hunter Coal Fields Removals offers unpacking and pre-packing of items at the office. We are specialist in this service. Kindly do not waste your time in packing. Our company can help you reduce the stress of this task.


5. Storing property


Hunter Coal Fields Removals stores the property at a place for storing in a mobile facility, where is kept safely.


6. Removal of garbage


The company removes the garbage after shifting as it creates frustration and consumes time.


7. Cleaning of house


We help our customers to clean their house after shifting. Your house will look like a new house after the shifting of property.


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